About IDYM

I Drink Your Milkshake is a small indie dev based in Bristol, UK formed by Marco Saccani, "one-man-band" dev / CEO and Dante Aldebarán Vargas, network and AI programmer. Currently working at the title LEFTOVERS.


The IDYM "one-man-band" developer. Currently working on Leftovers.

Marco Saccani





The man who can connect pretty much every device together with no effort while he hits the lift.

Dante Aldebarán Vargas

Currently in development: LEFTOVERS

"LEFTOVERS it's about the relationship between Daniel, the last man on Earth, and Claire, an incredibly human AI. Together they will try to solve a mystery, survive and keep each other company until doomsday."

Leftovers is a first-person PC indie game and is going to be on Kickstarter in the next months.

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New website for us

16 Aug 2016

How is it going people? Marco here just to post this meme and ask you to stay tuned 'cause....I'M BACK.P.S.The website is…


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